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In a world of limited resources Wholesale Tennessee Titans Jerseys , it is impossible to separate people, businesses and the environment. People’s needs create demand, businesses supply products and services to meet these demands and this process takes place within and affects the environment directly and indirectly. More often than not Wholesale Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerseys , modernization leads us to be shortsighted about how much we can take out of the earth and whether what we give back to it compensates for the loss. Sadly, the equal and opposite reaction to the act of constantly taking from the earth is global warming, water crisis Wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jerseys , depletion of natural resources and ultimately an untimely reduction in the quality of overall life on earth.

In the face of these harsh realities, corporations that actively practice sustainability is the only way forward. Of the top 100 entities in the world, 51 are corporations and that is the biggest sign of how to pave the path to a healthy planet. Sustainability in business can no longer afford to be just a CSR catchphrase; it has to become the backbone of every business Wholesale San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , if we are to leave a healthy planet for the generations to come.

Problems with climate change; air, land and water pollution and urban decay speak volumes of a critical gap in our education. They represent how little we understand how nature works and the part we play in our ecosystems. Here are some simple tips that corporations can “learn” to practice right away, while we embark on a longer journey of understanding our relationship with nature and the ecological repercussions of globalization.

Corporations should start their sustainability work at home: by minimizing their internal footprint with energy Wholesale Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys , water and waste. Recycling water, creating biodiversity zones within their campuses, engaging in safe rainwater harvesting methods and actively engaging in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas intensity are just a few examples of measures that each organization can take internally. Energy efficient measures like desktop power management and printer management along with encouraging teleconferences and internet-enabled meetings go a long way in reducing a company’s carbon footprint one day at a time.

Considering the largest problem with sustainability work is a lack of basic ecology education Wholesale Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , corporations will do well to engage in environmental education initiatives and community sensitization projects. Teaching the community – especially children – about sustainability and what each individual can do to help the ailing planet, is a great way of paying it forward. Besides, influencing young minds to live responsibly will have lasting effects in the next generation’s attitude towards their environment.

Finally Wholesale Oakland Raiders Jerseys , engaging with suppliers who share an organization’s sustainability goals is a healthy way to ensure that other organizations learn from your values. Opting to work with companies that have similar ethical values and economical goals – companies that adhere to high standards of human rights and employee welfare – is a good way to ensure that your partner companies are not only aware of your standards, but aspire to meet them as well. Sourcing from local suppliers ensure a healthy system of encouraging local products and services as well as reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Sustainability in business requires that we develop an understanding of the forces of both nature and society. It requires an integrated and holistic sensibility that we seem to have lost along the way to modernization. However, it’s not yet too late to find these sensibilities and values Wholesale New York Jets Jerseys , and work towards a larger common sustainability goal.
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As America is mesmerized, and outraged, by the events in the Gulf of Mexico Wholesale Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys , many are learning about endangered sea turtles for the first time. However, most people know virtually nothing about these amazing animals.

Marine turtles began swimming the oceans of the world about 100 million years ago. Their ancient ancestors were land animals who went to the Seven Seas before there were Seven Seas. Along with crocodiles, these are the most ancient of reptiles.

Imagine mighty Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain in the mighty Himalayas. Sea turtles were swimming the oceans for some 35,000 Wholesale Los Angeles Clippers Jerseys ,000 generations before the Himalayas appeared on earth.

These beings swim every sea except the frozen Antarctic and Arctic. Once, the sheer numbers of these marine reptiles were so seemingly without end that lost sailors sometimes found land by listening for sea turtles paddling towards nesting grounds.

Alas, those numbers are no more. Today, man's indiscriminate coastline development and wanton destruction of their nests have put these creatures at risk. For many years, millions have been in South America to makestylish Italian combs Wholesale Indiana Pacers Jerseys , and expensive shoes. When "I Love Lucy" began airing, there were still so many nesting turtles in Mexico that a billion eggs a year were being laid. Within four decades, so many turtles were killed that only two turtles came ashore one nesting season. And, that slaughter was taking place across the planet.

But, world conservation organizations are working to turn around the decline turtle populations. Additionally Wholesale Houston Rockets Jerseys , in many ways at the forefront of this battle for survival is Costa Rica and Costa Rica ecotourism.

Conservation groups and researchers have begun tagging pelagic turtles like the green sea turtle in remote places like Costa Rica's Cocos Island. Some turtles are fitted with satellite transmitters while others bear flipper tags in an effort to track their movements and we now know that some species roam across thousands and thousands of miles of oceans, from tropical waters to the deep waters off Newfoundland, Canada.

Cocos Island is one of Costa Rica's Seven Wonders, an uninhabited island halfway to the Galapagos. It's also under consideration as one of the World's Seven Natural Wonders and for a lucky few, a Costa Rica vacation Cocos diving experience of a lifetime . But Wholesale Golden State Warriors Jerseys , it's way out in the Pacific. Marine researchers, scientists, and conservation volunteers spent about 30 hours sailing to the island in their pursuit for more knowledge about these ancient marine animals.
Consider what they do as a kind of working Costa Rica vacation that perhaps will contribute to saving these marvelous marine reptiles now sadly endangered in much of their range.

But, truth be told, long before most Americans became distraught at television images of oil covered sea turtl. Julio Jones Jersey JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey Jason Witten Jersey Jared Cook Jersey Authentic Jalen Ramsey Jersey Authentic Ezekiel Elliott Jersey Authentic Drew Brees Jersey David Johnson Youth Jersey Dallas Goedert Kids Jersey
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