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17 мар 2018, 12:05

SYDNEY Under Armour Womens Shoes , July 30 (Xinhua) -- In a startling example of how international Islamic extremism is being waged as much online as in the theaters of the mid-east, Australia has urgently issued arrest warrants for Australian nationals waging global jihad in the wake of internet broadcasts of across social media and the internet including the latest, reeked this week of live be- headings.

Australian police have issued arrest warrants for the Sydney men after they posted images from Iraq on Twitter, posing with the heads of executed fighters.

With easy access to the internet, the men broadcasts threats to kill non-Muslims as well as Australian soldiers.

The truth is that actions and atrocities in theaters such as the Syrian civil war are now being broadcast live over hungry social media audiences and enthusiastically devoured by Australian youth as keen for titillation as they are for jihad.

In the words of Dr Anthony Bergin Under Armour Shoes , the deputy director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, "the Syrian conflict is the first YouTube war".

While the Islamic wars of ideology continue to claim lives on the ground, the equally ferocious "Youtube Wars" are claiming hearts and minds. It is this war that the civilized world is losing. For the most part, the wider world, outside the web Under Armour Training Shoes Sale , does not even know that the war is being waged.

A war of internet adventure and glamour, one that is drawing on resources as slim as an internet connection and keyboard.

Authorities here are scrambling to erect defenses against home- grown jihadis. However, even with new legislation being rushed through parliament, there are not a lot of teeth in the bite of local police and security agencies, as exemplified earlier this week when the firebrand cleric Robert "Musa" Cerantonio Under Armour Basketball Shoes Sale , deported back to Melbourne, was not arrested on arrival on Monday

Instead, Cerantonio, accompanied by no less than four escorts on his Philippine Airlines flight, walked free through Melbourne airport Under Armour Running Shoes Sale , despite that Philipino authorities have determined Cerantonio's activities posed a clear "risk to public interest."

Cerantonio is a self-proclaimed "jihadist preacher" who is popular across social media websites in his dramatic calls for global jihad, encouraging Australians, Filipino and other fringe Muslims to engage with the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Facebook has been a rich playground for Islamic propagandists with the popular social media website unable to regulate the message.

Cerantonio has urged Muslims to join the so-called Islamic caliphate, yet when his Twitter and Facebook accounts were closed, just as quickly other Facebook pages emerged Under Armour Youth Shoes Sale , either using his name or from the man himself within hours gaining thousands of followers and likes.

On the ground, the jihadis retain the initiative - the Iraqi Electronic Army, a pro-government page, has sought to close down rival pages, but the number of Islamic State pages continue to proliferate without government or international intervention.

The fact is that while Australia is working on the ground to limit nationals taking up arms in Islamic conflicts - there are currently some 60 armed fighters outside the country - any government initiative aimed at discouraging Australians from fighting overseas must include "a strong online effort to counter extremist recruiters".

According to Dr Bergin Under Armour Boys Shoes Sale , the Australian authorities have employed a series of ever-tougher powers to "prevent our citizens fighting in Syria".

These have included depriving returning nationals of their passports, mounting criminal charges as well as imposing bank account restrictions.

Bergin said that Attorney-General Geroge Brandis'"Living Safe Together" website has attempted to dissemniate information on the challenge, but its not enough.

"It's time for the Abbott government to release a comprehensive statement outlining its position on the foreign fighter issue."

"There's no one place which allows people to find out what the government's strategy is, and which clarifies what people can do if they have concerns," Dr Bergin said.

Bergin has called for a national awareness campaign aimed at young people and their parents about the dangers of Australian nationals fighting in foreign conflicts.

"This should be led by the police Under Armour Kids Shoes Sale , working with community-based organizations, to explain how Australian citizens will be preyed upon by Islamist groups if they go to fight overseas."

"We should be offering seed funding and training for grassroots online counter-extremism initiatives to help moderate Islamic community and student groups to develop social media campaigns, and forums to discuss the dangers of extremism."

Australia, with one of the largest sources of foreign war fighters to the Syrian conflict from foreign nations, is an unlikely hotbed of Islamic terrorism Under Armour Mens Shoes Sale , but without waking up to the war online, it is in danger of becoming another victim of homegrown terror.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- USA Track and Field Federation announced Tuesday night that its revenues had increased from $19 million in 2013 to an estimated $35 million this year.

It said it will put more of that money into athlete training in the hope of increasing the medal count at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

The U.S. track and field team won 29 medals at the 2012 Olympics, including nine gold.

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