n the eyes of a little girl s

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n the eyes of a little girl s

16 авг 2018, 06:47

n the eyes of a little girl selling matches, the dream is a roast goose, a grandmother's warm arms. In the eyes of Deng Yaping, the dream is to persist in the belief that the heart will never admit defeat. As long as you are willing to work hard, you will be successful. In the eyes of Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, the dream is that "the stalks of hybrid rice are as high as sorghum, the tassels are as big as brooms, and the rice is like a bunch of grapes." The dream is to constantly break through and explore. Rich imagination and bold creation. In the eyes of "Avalokitesvara" []Marlboro Gold[/url], Li Huahua, the dream is that the monks can "listen", the blind can "see", and the disabled friends can "walk". The dream is the spiritualof dreams, and humanity is great because of dreams. Since childhood, I have given myself a dream, a lofty goal of life, so that dreams can fly freely in the vast sky of life. A dream is a pair of invisible wings of life. Only the power of dreams can inspire anppy, and those who have dreams are full of hope. May every child have their own dreams in their childhood, no matter what the dream is, how big this dream is. China is a great and ancient country. There are many historical stories of heroes and children. My Chinese dream composition is 800 words. And the children of "her" - hundreds of millions of descendants of the Yellow Emperor, have guarded this peaceful country for generations, and live and work here. As a song says, if the Chinese mother is like a dragon, then the Chinese people are the descendants of the dragon. At first glance, the hustle and bustle of Mount Tai and the vast Yangtze River are deeply imprinted in my heart. My motherland, my admiration for you is like the water of the Yellow River. "Looking inside and outside the Great Wall, but Yu Yu; the big river up and down, suddenly lost []Newport 100S[/url]. Mountain dance silver snake, the original Chi wax []Marlboro Gold Pack[/url]. Jiangshan so much Jiao, cited countless heroes to bend the waist." Ttry could not forget. On that day, the aggressor army entered Nanjing City, and a massacre that angered the Chinese people began. Every second, almost one country was killed. This sorrowful scene is like a sharp knife, slamming into the fragile heart of the motherland. The heart of the motherland is bleeding! At first glance, the once great mountain river has now become the residual water of the mountain. The Taishan Mountain []Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping[/url], I don��t know how many people of the Yellow Emperor were buried []Marlboro Menthol 100S[/url]. The vast Yangtze River, I do not know how many blood of the descen
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