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Zach Miller Jersey

29 сен 2018, 13:06

The Cowboys cut receiver Dez Bryant in order to avoid his $12.5 million base salary. The Cowboys won’t be bringing him back at a reduced rate.

During a pre-draft press conference on Tuesday Mike Smith Jersey , Jones made it clear that the ship has sailed.

“We need to keep this crisp and the lines real bright,” Jones said in response to a question from Charean Williams.

As to the notion that the Cowboys waited too long to cut Dez, making it harder for him to find his next team Yanni Gourde Jersey , Jones (for a change) had nothing to say.

“I have no thoughts about the timing when we decided to move on,” Jones said.

It also became clear from the content of Jones’ comments that the Cowboys will be drafting a receiver early in the process. Of course, they run the risk of being jumped in line by a team that wants the guy the Cowboys plan to take.

So even if they don’t get the guy they want in the draft and even if Dez is willing to play for the ninth-year veteran minimum Dustin Brown Jersey , Bryant apparently won’t be back.

The NFL has a new kickoff rule. Whether the NFL will still have a kickoff remains to be seen.

After multiple attempts to make the so-called “most dangerous play in the game” less dangerous by using it less frequently, the NFL has made the play less dangerous by making it safer. Which is fine, but one question remains: How safe does the kickoff have to become in order to save it?

Packers CEO Mark Murphy recently explained that players are five times more likely to suffer a concussion on a kickoff than during a play from scrimmage. So what does the new ratio have to be? Saints coach and Competition Committee member Sean Payton didn’t have a specific response when asked that question during a recent visit to PFT; the goal for now is to simply make the play safer.

Still Authentic Benoit Pouliot Jersey , someone surely has an idea as to how safe it will have to be. If the revamped kickoff doesn’t address the broader goal of reducing the overall physical risks associated with the play, the play will not survive.

And at a time when football fans should be far more concerned about the impact of the rule regarding the lowering of the helmet when initiating contact on the sport as we know it, the potential elimination of the kickoff could be the thing that does far more to alienate fans than players taking a knee during the national anthem.

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